LV-7265 Projector

LV-7265 Projector
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Hello, Sorry for my bad english but i'm french... I've got a problem with my canon lv 7265 video projector. I changed for twice time the lamp and it doesn't work. 1. I turned off the projector 2. i unplugged the cord 3. i changed the lamp 4. I plugged the cord 5. i turned on the projector 6. Power button and lamp light become red but it's impossible to switch it out of standby, there is no reaction when i push on the power button ( on the projector or on the remote control)... T

Posted by sportin33 on Mar 14, 2011

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LV-7265 Projector

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Be sure to replace the lamp when the message [Replace with the new lamp.] appears. If you continue to use the lamp after the lamp has reached the end of its usable life, the lamp bulb may shatter, and pieces of glass may be scattered in the lamp case.--------------- POWER Indicator :------When this indicator is green, the projector is on; when this indicator is orange, it is in standby mode.----------- WARNING Indicator:-------- If this light blinks red rapidly, it indicates that an error has occurred, the lamp cover is not attached properly or the projector has overheated. If this light remains orange, it indicates that you have pressed a cabinet key while the Key lock is enabled. ----------- After your lamp has been operating for 2000*hours (up to 3000* hours in Quiet mode) or longer, the LAMP indicator in the cabinet will blink red and the message "Replace with the new lamp."will appear. Even though the lamp may still be working, replace it at 2000* (up to 3000* hours in Quiet mode) hours to maintain optimal projector performance. After replacing the lamp, be sure to clear the lamp counter. Resets the lamp clock back to zero. Selecting this option displays sub-menu for a confirmation. Select [Yes] and press the OK button. ---------- NOTE: The projector will turn off and go into standby mode after 2100* hours (up to 3100* hours in Quiet mode) of service. If this happens, press the INFO button on the remote control for ten seconds to reset the lamp clock back to zero. Do this only after replacing the lamp. --------------- Over-Temperature Protection:------- If the temperature inside the projector rises too high, the over-temperature protector will automatically turn off the lamp with the WARNING indicator blinking (2-cycle On and Off.) Should this happen, do the following: - Unplug the power cord after the cooling fans stop. - Move the projector to a cooler location if the room where you are presenting is particularly too warm. - Clean the ventilation holes if they are clogged with dust. - Wait about 60 minutes until the inside of the projector becomes cool enough. --------------] Now as you mentioned that you have replaced the lamp, so did you got original lamp or used or second hand lamp.Only original lamp is advisable.If you got lamp from ebay sites ,then most of the cases they provide used lamp,and in some cases they dont work.In that case new lamp is advisable.But if you got new lamp and still the same problem then check the lamp cover.The cover which you open to remove the old lamp.If that lamp cover is not closed properly then this problem occurs.If the cover is checked ok then other possibility is temp ventilations dirty.Clean the ventilations,check the internal fan is it running or not running.If its not running then fan is the problem.Its stuck with dirt or its got faulty. But if fan checked out ok and all dirt and ventilations cleaned and still the same problem then try reset procedure.Its mentioned above( press the INFO button on the remote control for ten seconds to reset the lamp clock back to zero. Do this only after replacing the lamp.) .Try reset if still the same problem then its faulty circuit board in the projector. ---------- Click this link for user manual:--- --------- This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.
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